Our Services

We offer a few different options for clients who want a Rebuild The Block home or for those who want to invest in Rebuild The Block.

Custom build

You are part of the process from start to finish. You will choose all the details – from the flooring to lighting to plumbing fixtures and everything in between.

Buy a spec home

We always have our own projects in the works. Our spec homes are already designed, built and ready for someone to buy.

Find a Lot

Our real estate team can help you find a lot where you can build the home of your dreams.

Renovation / Large Additions

We can do large scale renovations. Our renovations are almost always done with the homeowner living elsewhere throughout the duration of the project.

Real Estate Services

We’ll assist you with your home buying and selling needs from start to finish.

Invest with us

We offer multiple opportunities to work with us for those interested in tapping into the real estate market or for people who want to develop a passive income stream.