“Nathan and his crew at Rebuild the block built a house for us back in 2020. Faced with supply shortages and escalating pricing Nathan managed to get the build done on our expected timeline and helped me navigate through the process. He was extremely efficient, very communicative and exceptionally thorough.  The process was about as easy as building a house could be. Highly recommend Rebuild the Block!”

You follow through on your promises, if you say something will be done in a certain time frame, its done. You communicate well and are great at setting expectations. You keep us in the loop with what’s going on and always willing to explain things. Contractors I have worked with in the past have not done what they said they would with no work ethic. Bottom line, you are trustworthy and that’s huge.”

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am living in this beautiful home you built. I always knew my townhouse was a temporary move, but living here now has exceeded my expectations. I’m so proud to share it with my friends and family and I can’t wait to come home after work to such a wonderful and rejuvenating space. Well done sir.”

“We have bought and sold many homes, both new and existing construction, and we have never had the pleasure of working with a company that truly exemplifies quality and integrity. With some builders you get quality, but no integrity. Others are good guys who can’t seem to deliver a solid product. With Rebuild The Block, you truly get both quality and integrity.

“I love these guys! I managed to convince them to rebuild one of their spec homes for me (& of course it ended up changing some). Nathan & Nate can’t be beat for professionalism & honesty. I don’t know if I could have made it through the home building process without them. They made building a home easy for me! Not once did I feel like they put their interests above mine or were not 100% on my team. One of them told me at the beginning of the process “if I wouldn’t recommend it to my wife, I won’t recommend it to you” & that is how they have treated me every step of the way! & every sub & crew they have used has treated me the same. These guys are worth their weight in gold!

“We moved into our Rebuild The Block home in March 2019. The whole process of buying and living in our first home exceeded all of our expectations, in large part because of how wonderful Nathan and his team are to work with. The process of purchasing and closing on the house was seamless, and we were so excited to move into our new house. Despite Rebuild The Block being a newer home building company, their product is impeccable. No stone was left unturned when it came to the design and execution of our new home, and we continue to be so happy with it one year later. Emily from Urban Revival did a great job with all of the finishes on the house- her selections are timeless and elegant. Hybryd systems did a great job wiring the home, and we even brought them back to install our security system for us after we moved in. Though the home is near perfect, Nathan and his team have been very responsive with questions and concerns that have come up since we have moved in.

In short, Rebuild The Block and they homes they build are the best.”

“As a subcontractor for Rebuild The Block, it’s impressive to watch them during the entire construction process. Their attention to detail is spot on. Every detail gets combed through before it is signed off as completed.”

After closing they remain open and responsive to address anything that may pop up. Most builders disappear after the close, but Rebuild The Block has created a company with the highest character.”

“I have to compliment Rebuild The Block on their entire process from start to finish. You can tell they love what they do and they put every ounce of energy into delivering an exceptional product. They’ve truly honed their craft and are without a doubt the best of the best.

“As the owner of Bill George’s Demolition and Grading LLC I’ve had the pleasure of working with the guys at Rebuild The Block for several years. They are without a doubt one of my favorite contractors to work for. The are passionate about doing EVERYTHING the right way, the ETHICAL way and genuinely care about their homes and the families that live in them.”

“We have worked with Rebuild The Block for over 5 years. Their innovation, attention to detail and management skill place them as one of the top builders in Arizona. All it would take to recognize the amount of hard work and effort they put forth towards each and every house they build, would be to walk through any one of the many houses they have constructed and the quality of workmanship and design sense speaks for itself. We are extremely honored to work closely with Rebuild The Block.”

“Rebuild The Block is detail oriented and it doesn’t just show in their finished product, it shows throughout the entire build process. Every time we are on a Rebuild The Block job site, we know that nothing less than 100% is acceptable. We love working with Rebuild The Block.

“Simply said they are the best. Honest, timely, attention to detail are a few thoughts that come to mind when working with Rebuild The Block. Each house is carefully laid out and has its own unique style.”

Rebuild The Block is hands down one of the top builders in Arizona, other contractors don’t compare to the level of detail, expertise, and style these guys have. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of their homes!”

“In our experience, Rebuild The Block has been highly professional and very easy to work with. Their extensive preparation and knowledge made every aspect of the building process easier. We always look forward to working with their team!”

“As a trade partner, we appreciate the easy going, professional and positive environment on every job site. The entire Rebuild The Block team strives to do their best to produce high-quality, custom homes that appeal to the “wants” and “needs” of today’s buyers. They listen to their trade partners and customer feedback to continually better the product they offer. We are proud to do our part in creating a Rebuild The Block home.”